Vegan Protein Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

What's better than a warming hot cup of cocoa? This vegan protein gingerbread hot chocolate is exactly what you need to stay warm this winter.  Up until recently, I was never a hot chocolate girl and had never been interested in it...ever! Which is strange considering I'm such a huge chocolate fan. I've always preferred to eat my chocolate rather than drink it.  Around this time last year, all that changed. A chocolate brand gifted me some of their chocolate bars along with a tub of their hot chocolate. I thought why not give it a try since I have it. That was the day I developed this insatiable taste for hot chocolate that never went away. Most hot chocolate [...]

Festive Pomegranate Kombucha Mocktail

Festive Pomegranate Kombucha Mocktail A delicious festive mocktail to get you into the spirit of Christmas without the alcohol! Although I don't drink, I am inclined to order a mocktail every now and then when I'm out to feel fancy and because I love the unusual flavour combinations.  Something I also love is kombucha! As a nutrition student, I know the potential benefits of kombucha and why most of us could really benefit from including it as well as other fermented foods into our diets. I've had really bad digestive issues for years and increasing probiotics as well as probiotic foods is one of the things that has really helped with my symptoms. There is a lot of research coming out looking into the gut [...]

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Chai Hot Chocolate (Vegan & With No Added Sugar)

Chai Hot Chocolate (Vegan & With No Added Sugar) A delicious and warming chai hot chocolate with no dairy and no added sugar!  Have you made any New Year's resolutions? If so were you able to stick to them? I haven't made any as such, but I've been making a conscious effort to cut down on the amount of sugar I consume. A big part of my job consists of creating and experimenting with new recipes, most of which happen to be sweet because they're the kind of recipes you (my lovely blog readers and social media followers) seem to love most! And I'm usually not 100% happy with a recipe unless I've tried it 3-4 times. Sometimes even more! So you can imagine [...]

Anti-inflammatory Golden Turmeric Milk

Anti-inflammatory Golden Turmeric Milk  As some of you may already know, I've been suffering with eczema, IBS, anxiety and low mood for many years (click here to find out more). My immune system seems to be very active and so I have a lot of inflammation in my body. Chronic inflammation is bad news as it's the precursor to many chronic diseases, which is worrying, so I try to eat as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible. Turmeric being one of them.  Turmeric is said to be one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents out there, definitely something to include in the diet, especially if you have any kind of auto-immune conditions and allergies.  When it comes to making anti-inflammatory golden turmeric milk, there [...]

Healthified Vegan Matcha Freakshake

Healthified Vegan Matcha Freakshake If you've never come across the term 'freakshake' before, they're mega milkshakes with lots and lots of sugar, fat and calories. It's a trend that started in Australia and recently found it's way to the UK. A freakshake is basically a regular milkshake with added extras like chocolate, chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, all topped off with a brownie, cheesecake or a doughnut. A mashup of drink and dessert. Because a milkshake or a brownie alone is never enough :P You'll either think this sounds like the best thing ever invented or your worst nightmare!  For me, it's both! As someone with a massive sweet tooth constantly craving sweet treats, this sounds amazing! All my favourite things served in one glorious [...]

Vanilla Matcha Latte (How to Make a Vegan Matcha Latte)

Vanilla Matcha Latte (How to Make a Vegan Matcha Latte) Now that summer is well and truly over, we have many cooler nights ahead of us. The days are getting shorter and we're all in desperate need for some simple home comforts.  I've always been more of a warm drink kind of girl. I used to drink cups of black milky tea with my meals, but I gave that up a while ago when I found out that drinking tea with meals may reduce the absorption of certain nutrients like iron.  Even though I no longer drink much black tea,  I still find comfort in a mug of warm redbush tea, chicory coffee, and now my new favourite - matcha latte! I never used [...]

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Middle Eastern Inspired Almond Milks – Halva & Turkish Delight

Middle Eastern Inspired Almond Milks - Halva & Turkish Delight Both these desserts, halva and turkish delight, have a special place in my heart. I grew up loving, but rarely eating either of them. We only had treats like this when visiting relatives or at special occasions. Not too long ago I made another 'halva' recipe - my Halva overnight oats. As you can probably tell I'm OBSESSED with tahini and tahini flavoured goodies!  The Turkish delight we used to get in Iraq was usually pink, with a hint of rose flavour and crunchy pistachios in the middle.  I love using funky flavoured milks to pour over my granola (like this and this), chocolate or hazelnut milk is usually my faves but I [...]

Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food GIVEAWAY – Plus His Spelt Spaghetti, Vine Tomatoes and Baked Ricotta Recipe

Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food book review - plus I'm sharing his Spelt Spaghetti, Vine Tomatoes and Baked Ricotta.

Mango Banana and Coconut Smoothie

Sometimes all you need to lift your mood and energy is a nice, cold and refreshing smoothie! And what's more refreshing than a tropical mango banana and coconut smoothie?Even the colour is bright and cheerful! Naturally sweet from the mango and banana with a hint of coconut.

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