Sweet Snacks

Spiced Date Walnut Rolls

These spiced date walnut rolls make a great quick and easy dessert to enjoy as a snack, healthier dessert or sweet treat to serve to guests. I've been making them on repeat recently, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. A lovely mixture of sweet/fudgy dates and crunchy/nutty walnuts. I made these date & pistachio rolls last year - they went viral! I have to admit that out of all the recipes I put together last year, they were by far my favourite creation. I would even go as far as saying they're probably one of my favourite treats that I've ever made. Although a very simple recipe, the combination of the fudginess from the date + the crunchy, [...]

Gingerbread Sticky Fig Puddings

These gingerbread sticky fig puddings are a play on the classic sticky toffee pudding, but made with figs instead of dates and other wholesome ingredients like oats and tahini. I also added gingerbread spices to make them more warming, satisfying and festive!  I posted these sticky toffee puddings on my Instagram page a few months ago and you guys seemed to love them! I had so much great feedback from everyone who tried them. I thought why not make another variation, but this time using figs instead of dates.  I think dried figs don't get the love they deserve, which is a shame because they're such an amazing ingredient to use. Especially when making healthier, naturally sweet desserts and bakes. Desserts [...]

Vegan & Gluten-free Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

This vegan & gluten-free chocolate hazelnut granola makes a great delicious and crunchy breakfast that you can make ahead of time. I love making a big batch to enjoy throughout the week as a speedy breakfast or a scrumptious snack.  Why I love making this vegan & gluten-free chocolate hazelnut granola: I like to make a big batch of granola every now and then to have in my cupboard whenever I need a speedy breakfast. Pour some granola into a bowl, pour in some milk, add some berries and you have a delicious healthy breakfast.  Who doesn't want to eat chocolate for breakfast? I know I couldn't say no. Well, I wouldn't choose to eat it every day, but it's definitely a [...]

4-Ingredient Sunflower Seed Chocolate Bites

If you're looking for an easy crunchy snack that's also good for you, try these 4-ingredient sunflower seed chocolate bites. All you need is sunflower seeds, maple syrup, salt and dark chocolate! These 4-ingredient sunflower seed chocolate bites were inspired by these crunchy nut & seed rounds that I made a few months ago. They went down a treat on Instagram, so I thought why not make an even simpler version without nuts (for those with nut allergies). I also dipped them in chocolate (because why not!), but of course you can omit for a lower calorie version.  Like many of my recipes, this recipe is flexible - you can use other seeds (like sesame or pumpkin seeds), or you [...]

Vegan Gluten-free Maamoul

These vegan gluten-free Maamoul are one of my favourite things to eat! This is my take on the traditional recipe with no added sugar and naturally sweetened only with whole dates. Packed with aromatic flavours like cardamom and cinnamon - if you've never tried Maamoul before, this is your sign to make them!  What is Maamoul? Maamoul is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert that is popular in many countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and other parts of the Middle East. It is typically enjoyed during festive occasions and holidays, especially during religious celebrations like Eid, Christmas and Easter. They're small, shortbread-like cookies/pastries that are often filled with sweet fillings, such as dates, nuts (typically walnuts, pistachios, or almonds), or [...]

Hazelnut Chocolate Protein Bars

These hazelnut chocolate protein bars make a great snack or healthier dessert - perfect when you're craving something sweet and chocolatey. Even better is that they're made with wholesome ingredients and they're no-bake! There's no dairy in them and they also happen to be gluten-free, so a great option for those with allergies/food intolerances.  I'm sure most of you will agree that nothing pairs better in desserts than chocolate and hazelnuts. There's something about those 2 ingredients that when merged together they scream luxury, probably because we associate them with delicious treats like Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. I don't know about you, but I definitely have a weakness for both, especially the latter ?. Nuts in general are a great [...]

Pistachio Butter Chocolate Bars

These pistachio butter chocolate bars are my new favourite thing to make! They're simple, no-bake and only call for 5 ingredients. They also happen to be vegan, gluten-free and packed with nutrients - not bad for a delicious dessert. Pistachios are such an underrated and under-appreciated nut in my opinion. I may be a little biased in saying this, but they're THE BEST nut out there. I say that because I grew up eating them, so they have a special place in my heart. Now that I live in the UK, it pains me to see how little they're used/eaten in the west in general.  What makes matters worse is how expensive they are, so I guess I can see [...]

Healthier Banoffee Pie

This healthier banoffee pie is my take on the classic British dessert. Made with better for you ingredients and also happens to be vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.  Banoffee Pie is one of my favourite all time desserts. Crumbly biscuit base, rich caramel centre topped with sliced banana and fresh cream…what’s not to like? No one can resist a good slice of banoffee pie!  The base of this healthier banoffee pie is made up of oats instead of plain flour, making it slightly better for you. I used a dairy-free butter alternative to help it hold together since we're not using eggs. The caramel part of a banoffee pie is typically made using condensed milk which is boiled in the can [...]

Viral Chocolate Date Bark

This viral chocolate date bark is one you will definitely want to try out. I made some tweaks inspired by my Middle Eastern upbringing and the results are insane!  I'm not one to follow viral trends - I'm a firm believer in creating unique content. Otherwise we all end up creating exactly the same thing. Unfortunately that's the way social media is heading with the rise of TikTok and Instagram changing to compete with its rival. Gone are the days when social media rewarded unique, individual and creative ideas. Content creators are now being encouraged to copy each other so we end up creating exactly the same content, which is baffling to me.  Having said all that, this is a [...]

Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

A super delicious no-bake dessert - these chocolate fudge oat bars are the perfect treat to make on a hot summer day when you're craving something sweet, but don't fancy ice cream. I do love a good no-bake recipe, especially during summer when it's too hot to turn the oven on. The last thing you want to do on a scorching hot day is to add even more heat by turning on the oven. These no-bake chocolate fudge oat bars are the perfect, no fuss, quick and easy treat that takes no time to prepare. Meaning you can spend more time out in the sun taking advantage of the lovely weather while it lasts. Because let's face it, UK isn't [...]

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