Vegan BBQ ‘Shroom Buns Recipe

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Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco “Plant-based cooking is about celebration” the opening line in this video that Chef Derek created for Tesco Food Love Stories really resonates with me and I completely agree with his philosophy. For me, using fruit, vegetables, legumes, beans, pulses, nuts, seeds and whole grains is all about experimenting and creating delicious foods that …

Vegan Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Vegan Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches  This truly is the ultimate Easter weekend treat. Vegan chocolate hot cross buns served with vegan ice cream instead of plain butter, because if you’re going to do it, you might as well go all out! They’re really easy to make (watch video at the top of the page) and so much tastier …

Maple Pancakes – Vegan & Gluten-free

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  Maple Pancakes – Vegan & Gluten-free I’ve made a few variations of a ‘basic’ pancakes recipe before (like my strawberry choc chip pancakes and English pancakes), but this recipe by far is the easiest! Pancakes shouldn’t be complicated and they definitely don’t need loads of ingredients and additions to make them taste good! With pancake day around the corner, …

Vegan Blueberry Bounty Bars

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Vegan Blueberry Bounty Bars I’m really enjoying coming up with healthier vegan and gluten-free alternatives to some of my favourite treats and chocolate bars. I’ve already made my own healthified versions of Twix bars and Snickers and naturally I had to move on to creating a healthier version of bounty bars next! Bounty bars are up there as one of my …

Coffee Blackcurrant Banana Ice Cream

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Coffee Blackcurrant Banana Ice Cream Banana ice cream is such a genius invention and who ever came up with the idea surely deserves winning some sort of award, don’t you think?! I could never have imaged something as simple as blending a frozen banana could result in something so delicious! The texture really is like ice cream and by freezing it …

Vegan Cranberry Lime & Coconut Jelly Shots

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Vegan Cranberry Lime & Coconut Jelly Shots With the festive season fast approaching, we’re all looking for recipes, desserts and party food ideas to impress our friends and family with.  This time of year also tends to be one of the busiest and most hectic time of the year, it’s very important now more than ever that these recipes are …

Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate

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Enjoy a delicious cup of warm chocolatey goodness on Christmas morning, and why not make some for your family while at it! Dairy-free, vegan and sugar free so you can enjoy a decadent treat without feeling heavy and bloated afterwards.