Blueberry Banana Smoothie

A delicious blend of frozen blueberries and bananas swirled in a glass, because everyone likes a pretty breakfast 😉 

I’m a creature of habit so when I find something I like, especially when it comes to food, I tend to eat it over and over again without making changes  a) because I’m usually in the kitchen all day experimenting with recipes so I want something quick and easy for my own meals that requires no time or effort to make b) I try to pack my meals with as many nutrient dense ingredients as possible a) well, because sometimes I’m just lazy! 

For example when it comes to breakfast, if I make a smoothie I will make a green smoothie because I like to make sure I add a good portion of spinach or kale in there first thing in the morning. 


However, I recently visited The Earth Cafe in Manchester and I tried their blueberry banana smoothie and I absolutely fell in love with it! It was bursting with flavour and had the most beautiful blue/purply hue, which inspired me to make something similar at home.



This blueberry banana smoothie is as basic and easy as they come! It calls for 5 ingredients only but it tastes so amazing, just like a dessert! And I can’t get over the beautiful colours staring at me in that jar. 

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