banana, date and almond buckwheat porridge

Banana, Date & Almond Buckwheat Porridge

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banana, date and almond buckwheat porridge

Banana, Date & Almond Buckwheat Porridge

If you’re familiar with the concept of overnight oats, buckwheat porridge is similar but with a slight twist. Buckwheat is one of those ingredients that not may people are familiar with, outside the health community of course! You can now easily get hold of buckwheat as it’s available in most supermarkets and online. I’ve also noticed more and more brands adding it to their granola, muesli and snack bars.

Buckwheat benefits

Buckwheat is an awesome grain to add to your diet. It’s a good source for things like magnesium, manganese, copper as well as fibre.

Buckwheat porridge can be enjoyed both cold or warm. To make the cold, raw version, you need to soak your buckwheat overnight to make it easier to digest without needing to cook it. It’s the same idea when making overnight oats, the buckwheat will soak up all the liquid, plump up and become softer. I used my Optimum 9400 powerful blender by Froothie to blend all the ingredients into beautiful, smooth and creamy perfection. Find out more about my blender and why I love to use it!

Despite the name implying it contains wheat, it’s actually wheat and gluten free so it’s a great option if you have a gluten allergy or trying to stay away from gluten. This recipe is also dairy free, vegan and refined sugar free.

buckwheat porridge recipe buckwheat porridge recipe

Banana, Date & Almond Buckwheat Porridge
Serves 2
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  1. ½ cup buckwheat groats, soaked overnight
  2. ½ cup milk (I used homemade almond milk)
  3. 4 dates (Use more or less depending on your taste and the size of the dates)
  4. 1 ripe banana
  5. 1 tbsp almond butter
  6. 1 tbsp chia seeds
  7. Toppings: berries, nuts, seeds, dried fruit...etc
  1. Place your buckwheat groats in a bowl, pour over enough water to cover them and leave them to soak overnight.
  2. Drain and rinse your buckwheat then place in a blender/food processor.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients in and start blending.
  4. Blend until everything until you have a smooth creamy porridge like consistency.
  5. Enjoy!
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  1. That bowl of goodness looks so beautiful I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat it Nadia. I use buckwheat flour a lot in my baking, but I remember disliking buckwheat grains when I was young, so have never tried them again. I am seriously tempted to give them a go though with your ground up porridge version.

    1. I actually only recently tried buckwheat grains! Like you, I love using buckwheat flour but felt a bit intimidated by the groats as I had no idea what to do with them at first! When you blend them together with the banana, dates and almond butter you can’t really taste the buckwheat anyway. Let me know if you do try it and what you think 😀 x

  2. I love LOVE buckwheat!! In Russia buckwheat porridge is very popular we call it “Kasha” And I love the photography! Stunning pictures Nadia! 🙂

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