Blueberry Pear Chia Pudding

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Blueberry Pear Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is such a convenient and fuss free breakfast that you can prepare the night before and take with you to work or school the next morning. Chia seeds, blueberries and pears are all good sources for vitamin K. Put them all together in one bowl and you have a vitamin K powerhouse!

Blueberry Pear Chia Pudding

Serves – 2


90g frozen blueberries
3 tbsp chia seeds
160ml unsweetened almond or soya milk
2 tsp maple syrup – or to taste. You can omit for a sugar-free version.
Optional – 1 scoop protein powder to make it more filling.


1 small pear, shredded
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds or pistachios
2 tbsp pomegranate seeds


Add the blueberries to your blender along with the milk, protein powder (if using any) and maple syrup (if using any). Blend on high until smooth.
Transfer into a bowl and mix in the chia seeds. Cover and store in the fridge overnight to set.
Top with shredded pear, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and pomegranate seeds.

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  1. This sounds great, I have mixed berries and canes pears. I bet this could also be a fantastic filling in stuffed crapes. Yum .

    1. Post

      Mixed berries and canned pears will work just as well! It’s all about using what is accessible to you or what you have available 🙂 That’s such a good idea! Need to make it again and use it as a crepe filling 😀

  2. Thanks a lot nadia , i will definetly try it cause i love overnight oats and chia seeds . But can i ask why did you use frozen blueberries while you can use fresh blue berries as its season now ?
    I love your recipeies

    1. Post

      You can definitely use fresh blueberries. I like using frozen because they’re cheaper, last longer/more convenient and usually frozen produce is better as they don’t lose their nutrient quality, especially if they’ve been sitting on the shelf for a while. I still buy fresh berries but usually to snack on/use in desserts 🙂 Enjoy the chia pudding 😀

  3. A lovely breakfast idea! I made a version of it a few days ago and it’s been a hit with my other half… I added some vegan protein powder to make it even more filling.

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