Fudge, but not as you know it – these 4 ingredient almond fudge are made with healthier ingredients and there’s no cooking required!

For years, dates have been my No. 1 go-to ingredient to use in my desserts. Even though they are high in sugar (like most fruit are), I would prefer to eat a date than a spoon of sugar. It’s like the argument that fruit juice is as bad as drinking fizzy drinks just because fruit juice is high in sugar. It may be high in sugar, yes, but it’s also high in vitamins and antioxidants, which fizzy drinks are not. So if you’re going to drink one or the other, of course fruit juice is better for you!

like fruit juice, dates are made up of more than just sugar. They contain fibre, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and some B vitamins. They may also not be the healthiest fruit, but they work really well in a variety of desserts – fudge being one of them.

I based this recipe on these 4 ingredient salted caramel fudge. The main difference being I’m using almond butter in this recipe instead of tahini. Why? Because many people are still not so familiar with tahini, so I thought I’d make an alternative version with almond butter. I mention in the original recipe that you can use any nut/seed butter you prefer, and that applies for this recipe too.

It’s no secret that no-bake recipes are my favourite. I feel that it’s so much easier to make healthier desserts that are no-bake. Healthier baking with less sugar can easily result in something not so tasty and can have a dramatic impact on the texture too. Also, it’s so much more difficult to mess up a no-bake treat, especially if you’re just starting out as a home baker.

This recipe is also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and can easily be made nut-free by using a seed butter instead of almond butter. A great one to have in your recipe collection when you need to whip up an easy treat for someone with allergies/food intolerances!

4 Ingredient Almond Fudge

Makes – 12 pieces


250g soft dates (I used Medjool dates)
135g almond butter
Pinch of salt
150g dark chocolate, melted


Add the dates, almond butter and salt to a food processor and blend until you have a smooth fudge like mixture.
You can either press the mixture into a loaf tin lined with baking paper, or press into silicon moulds. I used a silicon mini muffin tray to create the round cup like shape.
Freeze for 2 hours, then dip into the melted dark chocolate. Transfer to the fridge to allow the chocolate to set (around 10 minutes).

Store in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.