Middle Eastern Chickpea Aubergine Flatbreads

These Middle Eastern chickpea aubergine flatbreads are prefect for a healthier 'fakeaway'. They taste amazing, packed with flavour and are so easy to make! I grew up eating something called 'Lahm Bi Ajeen', which literally translates to 'meat in dough'. It consisted of a basic flatbread dough, topped with a tomato minced meat mixture. Like a Middle Eastern pizza, if you will, flavoured with Middle Eastern spices.  I've been making a vegan/vegetarian version for years, the toppings of which vary depending on my mood and what I had available at the time. However, chickpeas and aubergine are probably my favourite toppings for this recipe, so that's exactly what I'm using today. A Middle Eastern and Indian flavour fusion - I'm [...]

California Walnut Za’atar Flat Breads

*This post is sponsored by California Walnuts* This right here is one of my childhood favourites! If you’ve never tried (or even heard of) za’atar you’re missing out big time! It’s basically a blend of herbs (mainly thyme and oregano) with sesame seeds. It’s usually mixed with olive oil and lemon juice then spread on bread/dough to create the most drool worthy flavour combination! It’s definitely a comfort meal for me - a Middle Eastern pizza if you like. I’m adding California Walnut ‘mince’ to my version to add some healthy fats and protein. Did you know that walnuts are the only tree nut to contain a rich source of the plant-based omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) 2.7g/ 30g*? Each 30g [...]

Tandoori Tofu Chickpea Pizza

Tandoori Tofu Chickpea Pizza I usually make pizza on a Friday or Saturday evening and I know it's only Tuesday, but I spent the whole weekend working and this evening I really feel like having pizza and a movie night with the hubby.  Today, I'm making two pizzas; one with cheese (for the hubby) and one without (for myself). I try to avoid dairy as much as I can for several reasons. The main one being it triggers my IBS flare-ups. To my husband's disappointment I usually leave out cheese when I make pizza. He LOVES his cheese and wouldn't consider a pizza "a pizza" without it, although he made an exception with my avocado pizza. I have to agree with [...]

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