Healthified Vegan Matcha Freakshake

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Healthified Vegan Matcha Freakshake

If you’ve never come across the term ‘freakshake’ before, they’re mega milkshakes with lots and lots of sugar, fat and calories. It’s a trend that started in Australia and recently found it’s way to the UK.

A freakshake is basically a regular milkshake with added extras like chocolate, chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, all topped off with a brownie, cheesecake or a doughnut. A mashup of drink and dessert. Because a milkshake or a brownie alone is never enough đŸ˜› You’ll either think this sounds like the best thing ever invented or your worst nightmare! 

For me, it’s both! As someone with a massive sweet tooth constantly craving sweet treats, this sounds amazing! All my favourite things served in one glorious looking dessert. But as an IBS sufferer, it’s also my worst nightmare. Just looking at a freakshake gives me stomach pains and sweats đŸ˜› 


I must admit I’ve never tried one nor will I ever order a ‘proper’ freakshake. Packed with full fat milk, God knows how much sugar and drowning in saturated fat. As a nutrition student, this to me is one of the worst inventions ever! It’s not like we need anything else to contribute towards our society’s ever growing obesity crisis and rising chronic disease rates. 

Instead, I have come up with my own, much healthier version. Let me introduce you to my healthified vegan matcha freakshake. Like a regular freakshake, only much lower in fat, calories, sugar and completely vegan! With added PureChimp matcha green tea powder to make it pack with antioxidants. 

Made using frozen bananas packed with vitamin B6, Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin C and fibre without any of the saturated fat. I also added cashew butter to make it extra creamy and sweetened it with some maple syrup, but of course if you’re concerned about the sugar content you would always cut it out or use a zero calorie sweetener instead. 


Freakshakes are said to contain a whopping 2000 calories per serving – that’s the daily recommended intake of calories in one treat! That shouldn’t even be allowed! My version comes at just over 500 calories per serving including the vegan cream and homemade brownie. It’s still a lot, but can be enjoyed as a treat since the ingredients are good for you. You could always leave out the brownie and cream and enjoy it as a milkshake. I’ve included the nutritional information at the bottom with and without the brownie.

This healthified vegan matcha freakshake would make an amazing New Year’s Eve treat for this weekend, or a delicious healthy breakfast on New Year’s day – perhaps without the brownie though.



Healthy Vegan Matcha Freakshake
Serves 2
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  1. 2 ripe bananas, chopped and frozen
  2. 2 tbsp cashew butter (or almond butter)
  3. 2 tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice
  4. 2 cups milk of choice - I used soya milk to make it creamier
  5. 1 tsp PureChimp matcha green tea powder
  6. Dark chocolate
  7. Vegan whipped cream or homemade coconut whipped cream
  8. 1 homemade matcha chocolate brownie
  1. Nutritional information (with without cream & brownie)
  2. Calories: 327 kcal
  3. Protein: 11.6g
  4. Fat: 12g
  5. Carbs: 49g
  6. Fibre: 6g
  7. Nutritional information (with cream & brownie)
  8. Calories: 520 kcal
  9. Protein: 13.6g
  10. Fat: 25g
  11. Carbs: 69g
  12. Fibre: 8.4g
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  1. I’m with you – I shudder a bit at the idea of a “proper” freakshake but oh my word yours looks amazing! Proof that anything can be made healthier ;p I was actually drooling over this on Pinterest yesterday and will have to give it a try sometime. Like you though, I won’t be having a typical one any time soon!

  2. Wow, I’ve never had a freakshake before (not likely given interest in healthy things) so its great you’ve tried to make a healthier version. If I ever get a freakshake craving I’ll know where to come for inspiration!

  3. Just made this without brownie but only had pb instead of almond… amazing!! Yummmmm. Better than any ice cream easily. Great recipe

  4. This looks amazing, we’ve got to try it out soon! Thank you sharing the recipe đŸ™‚

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