Best Healthy Places to Eat in Manchester

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Best Healthy Places to Eat in Manchester

Since everyone’s New Year’s resolution seems to be to eat ‘healthier’ I imagine a lot of people are looking for healthier places to eat out right about now. I’m always on the search for healthier options, and now that I’m avoiding gluten, meat, dairy and sugar finding somewhere to eat out is definitely more of a challenge. Hubby and I don’t really go out that much (I spend all our money on baking/recipe ingredients haha!) but over the last few years, I have found a few spots I like to go to where they serve vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free options, and luckily, such places are on the rise! 

Pho – vegan & gluten free options

Even though I’ve only been twice, Pho (Vietnamese street food) is fast becoming my favourite place to eat out! With the whole menu being gluten free (apart from one of the desserts) and many vegan options to choose from I feel spoilt! Their tofu & mushroom Bun noodles are so delicious and the portion is reasonable. I would also recommend their tangy lotus stem side salad – YUM!

Click here for the menu


Nudo – gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options

Another new favourite of mine. If you love sushi then you MUST try this place! Their sushi boxes are reasonably priced compared to other sushi restaurants I’ve been to and the sushi is really good! If you’re trying to stay away from gluten then you may want to avoid their soy sauce. We usually it for take-out and I use my own gluten free tamari instead of soy sauce. 

Click here for menu


Eighth day shop/cafe – vegetarian/vegan

Their café always has the best food – everything is vegetarian or vegan! I’ve been there countless times. Their menu changes daily but they always seem to have daal with brown rice, which I love! And I usually ask for steamed broccoli on the side. They also have vegan/gluten free dessert options. There is a shop upstairs, which is where I get some of my health supplies. If you haven’t been, I would definitely recommend you checking it out!

Click here for the menu

Love Juice – raw/vegan/gluten-free

This place is AMAZING! It’s in Chorlton – slightly out of my way so I’ve only been there once, but their menu is amazing! They serve things like raw Phad Thai and their juice/smoothie options are to die for!

Click here for the menu


Go falafel – vegetarian/vegan

A great little place in the city centre that’s fully vegan – perfect option for a lunch takeout. Their salad bar is fantastic. I usually go with the lunch box which comes with 4 large falafel, pita bread and a huge salad mix.

Click here for their Facebook page

Earth café – vegan

I must admit that I’ve only been there once and a long time ago. Their menu looks really good, but the person who served us was rude, which put me off going again. Maybe he just had a bad day, I don’t know, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them again soon.

Click here for the menu

Mowgli – vegan/gluten free options

Haven’t been yet, but their vegetarian curries sound delicious and are gluten free! Will also be going there soon! 

Click here for the menu


V Revolution – vegan junk food & desserts

As you can imagine the word ‘junk food’ suggests it’s not the healthiest place to eat, but if you’re vegan and want to treat yourself to something ‘naughty’, this is a great place to try with a selections of vegan burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes. 

Click here for their Facebook page.


Wahaca – gluten free/vegetarian/vegan

Delicious Mexican food with gluten free options. They don’t have a vegan menu, but they’re more than happy to make alterations if you let them know you’re vegan. 

Click here for the menu 

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 14.22.22

Dough Pizza Kitchen – vegan/gluten free options

This has been on my list of places to try but haven’t had the chance to go yet. They have vegan & gluten free pizza options though, how amazing is that!?!

Click here for the menu 


Bakchich – vegan & gluten free options

Middle Eastern cuisine is my favourite so it didn’t seem right not to include a couple of Middle Eastern place in this list (the first one being Go Falafel!) Their Vegetarian Mezze has to be my favourite with fattoush, tabouleh, hummus, baba ganoush, Arabic pickles and falafel.

Click here for the menu 


Giraffe – vegan & gluten free options

Giraffe has been one of my favourite restaurants for a long time! Their Falafel with Red Pepper & Harissa Hummus (without bun), Marrakech Market Salad and Tofu & Squash Laksa are vegan. The latter two are also gluten free.

Click here for the menu

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 17.08.31

I hope you found this post helpful. If you know any other healthier places to eat out in Manchester with good vegan & gluten free options, leave me a comment!

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I’ve recently cut out meat so great to see where I can go to get some decent grub in Manchester.

    Definitely going to try Love Juice & V Revolution out!

    1. There are plenty of meat free options, anywhere you go should have at least a few options to choose from which is great 🙂 Although they’re not always healthy or tasty ;P

    1. I know! I’m happy that most restaurants have a veggie section. And now more and more places have vegan and gluten-free options 🙂

  2. Oh what a wonderful world of choice. I’d be in food heaven if we had even 1/4 of those down our way. Admittedly we do have a good vegetarian cafe here in Liskeard, but there is very little else about, even in Plymouth. I am impressed with you giving up dairy and sugar. I don’t mind eating dairy, but sugar is my downfall.

  3. Great list of recommendations with such a wide range of food. Am sharing this via Facebook as have veggie friends I think will really appreciate this list!

  4. This is such a great post Nadia and it will definitely come useful to me next time I am in Manchester (my bf is there). I’ve been to Go Falafel before and also had one of their lunch boxes, the food was pretty good. I need to try other places though, it seems to be a lot of choice which is really good!

  5. We’re so lucky here in the UK to have such great veggie options. I’ll definitely have to bear some of these in mind next time I’m in Manchester. Fortunately we have a Pho in Leeds too – I love that place!

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